Alaska Long Hunters

USA, 2020
Duration: 53 min
Genre: Documentary, Adventure
Director: Mark D. Rose
Producers: Mark D. Rose, Isaac Rush
Writer: Mark D. Rose
Key Cast: Luke Harger, Chandler Oja, Mark Rose, Mick Leach

A true life adventure set in 60's Alaska, Documenting a young pilots life who through it all, meets his creator God and finds life's true meaning. Based on the book "Last of the Long Hunters" by Mark Rose (2015) This story records the life of a young pilot flying in Alaska's Frontier Arctic. You'll experience the front seat thrills of bush planes and helicopters operating in the most dangerous conditions on Earth. Flying in minus 60 temperatures and horrific storms, airborne among the magnificent mountains, glaciers and rivers that only Alaska has to offer. Once you've read this volume you'll not be satisfied until you visit Alaska yourself. Includes true-life experiences of accidents, comradeship, humor, heartbreaks and life in Frontier Alaska, gone forever when dismantled into parks and native lands in the 1970's.