A letter to the descendants

Russia, 2019
Duration: 52 min
Genre: Documentary
Director: Igor Gladkov
Producer: Igor Gladkov

What would you like to tell your descendants? Children and young people are confronted with this question. The presence of a camera doesn't make the task any easier. Yet the ice quickly breaks and the protagonists talk freely about life in Russia. A fascinating cross-section of opinion from St. Petersburg's next generation. Young people report openly and honestly about what they like and dislike in today's Russia. They speak of politics, parties and President Putin. MPs are criticised and a lack of human solidarity bemoaned. The definition of patriotism is questioned. What sacrifices are young people willing to make for their homeland? What do you think of LGBTQ? The topics are diverse and the protagonists are equally diverse: girls, boys, some of Russian ancestry, others from one of the nationalities of the former Soviet Union currently settled in St. Petersburg. The classic individual interviews are kept in black and white, visually underlining the effect of what has been said.