Russia, 2020
Duration: 92 min.
Genre: Drama
Director: Andrey Korytko
Writer: Andrey Korytko, Fyodor Derevyansky
Producers: Vladimir Komarov, Maria Mikhnevich
Key Cast: Roman Evdokimov, Askar Ilyasov, Rafael Durnoyan, Dmitry Bykov, Grigory Danziger, Marina Mitrofanova, Mikhail Shkamaridin, Lana Ryder, Igor Sergeev, Stanislav Sergeev

Yarik comes to the capital to carve out his life - to succeed in his favorite work, to build a serious relationship, to forge ahead with his friends. But the big city has other plans on Yarik. Everybody says it's time to reconcile, to become "a normal person". Is it possible to retreat when the dream is at stake?