Iran (Kurdistan), 2018
Duration: 13 min.
Genre: Drama
Writers, Directors and Producers: Samko Brothers (Ako Zandkarimi & Saman Hosseinpuor)
Director of Photography: Hamed Baghaeian
Editor: Tofigh Amani
Sound Recordist: Mohammad Towrivarian
Sound Designer and Mix: Hossein Ghuorchian
Makeup & Custome & Set Designer: Ayub Sheikhahmadi
Director Assistant: Ashkan Saedpanah
Color Grading: Alireza Hodai
Production Manager: Armin Pourmohammad
Cast: Fereidoun Hamedi, Shabbo Soleimani, Mohammad Ghobadi, Ghafar Khaledi, Shafi Amini, Saman Obudi

Ghasem is forced to sell his cow to spend a hard winter with his family in their village, but his son fled out the cow.