Not Now

Ukraine, 2020
Duration: 15 min.
Genre: drama
Director: Andrew Liulko
Writer: Andrew Liulko
Producers: Andrew Liulko, Denis Galushka
Cameramen: Arthur Sveshnikov, Kostiantyn Honcharov
Sound director: Vasyl Yavtyshenko
Key Cast: Dmitry Tretyak, Stanislav Lesnoy, Alena Faraponova

A young man is refusing to believe that he has cancer and is procrastinating till the very last moment to tell his girlfriend about the scary but obvious symptoms. Once he realizes that he has very little time left, he turns his hesitation into his strength. He proposes to his girlfriend, introduces his bride to his father, who is dying of cancer and decides that he must survive, he must live for the love of his life, and he decides to get the surgery! Now it's up to doctors' whether the love or cancer wins.