Lapin Perdu

Belgium, 2020 (World premiere)
Duration: 22 min.
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Adventure
Production Company: Cookies Films
Director: Bertrand Lissoir
Producer: Laurent Denis
Scriptwriter: Bertrand Lissoir
Co-writer: Laurent Denis
Director of photography: Olivier Boonjing
Colourist: Olivier Boonjing
Music soundtrack: Thomas Medard
Film editor: John Pirard
Sound editing: Sabrina Calmels
Production sound mixer: Emmanuel De Boissieu
Set designer: Eve Martin
Costume designer: Claire Dubien
Key Cast: Alain Eloy, Frederik Haugness, Juliette Gillis

Depressed since the death of his wife, Jef no longer goes out. Then, one weekend, his goddaughter, Lili, entrusts him with her little rabbit, Jacques. But when Jacques takes off, who would have imagined that Jef’ life would get yet more complicated?