Disordered (Von der Rolle)

Switzerland, 2019
Duration: 88 min.
Genre: Documentary, Popular science
Director: Verena Endtner
Producer: Dan Riesen

Writer: Verena Endtner
Key Cast: Maja Brönnimann & Theo Känzig, Sandro & Olivia Bucher, Kathrin & Martin Könitzer

Did you know that up until the 1970s women in Switzerland were not allowed the right to vote? And that traditional family structures still dominate modern Swiss society?

Who pays the bills? Who looks after the children? Do women raise better kids than men? Are men destined to have a career? Why do we think like this? Why are outdated family roles still so deeply rooted in our society?

An intimate and thought provoking look at the struggles and the triumphs of three Swiss families that makes you question social archetypes on a universal level.