Animals. Middle Ground (Animales, Por El Camino De En Medio)

Spain, 2020
Duration: 74 min.
Genre: Documentary, Popular science.
Director: Manuel Galipienso
Producers: Manuel Galipienso, Pascale Precheur

Nowadays, animals are all the rage. From being ignored, they have become defended by millions of people, which put into question the attitude of human beings towards animals. There is no doubt that animals play a crucial role in our world, whether as food, as personal fulfillment or helping human beings in their daily activities. However, thousands of animals are victims of illegal trade, others are mistreated and some are rescued or seized by the authorities. Also, a part of society being manipulated by social networks is unable to see the reality and raises questions about the keeping and care of animals in captivity and even of domestic animals.

Faced with such ignorance, the documentary filmmaker (Manuel Galipienso) and the expert on animal behavior (Pascale PrĂȘcheur) manage to bring together in a film, for the first time, more than twenty government bodies, companies and professionals of the highest level in animal care in Spain to show the daily work they do for animal welfare. Unfortunately, they do not all share the same ideals, what causes conflicting views which invites the audience to an intense reflection, in a unique and unprecedented documentary film.